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UK Government: Build memorial to remember the victims of the slave trade

Right now, there is no major memorial in England to commemorate the victims of the Transatlantic Slave trade. These are millions of people who were brought over from Africa in ships and kept as slaves. Many of them built Britain, but were subjected to cruelty and forced into inhumane conditions. 

I’m part of Memorial 2007, a charity that is campaigning for an Enslaved Africans Memorial in London’s Hyde Park. We’ve secured planning permission for a space in the Rose Gardens and commissioned designs.

But we need the Government to fund this. Time is running out as planning permission will expire on the 7th November. That’s why we’re calling on the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to fund the first dedicated major memorial to Enslaved Africans before the deadline. 

When asked, the Government say it “does not have any dedicated funds available at present for this memorial.” The Government have supported important memorials to World War One, Commonwealth War Graves, the Holocaust, and the Srebrenica Genocide. They need to do this for slave trade victims too. 

To lose this opportunity to build a landmark would be a grave shame and a social injustice. The Government would be ignoring the contribution made and ignoring the abuse they faced. 

This month is Black History Month, the perfect time to take a stand and make this happen.

Please help us by signing and making a difference.

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