Lady Davson

The Rt. Hon. The Lord Boateng 
I grew up on the Gold Coast now Ghana in the shadow of the slave castles.
I have come to believe that remembering the horrors of the past and respecting
with an appropriate Memorial the memory of those who survived resisted or died is
a sacred duty. We need to reflect upon those lives learn more and honour them,
They are not to be represented in eternal victimhood but as a source of inspiration
in the contemporary and ongoing   struggle against the oppression and exploitation
of one human being by another. We shall overcome.

Lady Davson, is the great, great, great granddaughter of William Wilberforce
�The intention is that it should be the memorial focus not just for the British
African community, but for all peoples who may, by good programmes of
education and presentation, learn a more accurate account of the history
of our country�s disgraceful part in the destruction of so many of the African peoples.
What Memorial 2007 is seeking to achieve is a thoroughly laudable project.�
Ray Fearon

Ray Fearon is a stage and screen actor who spoke at the launch of Memorial 2007
�The memorial set in a garden of remembrance is essential. It is time we pay
our respects and value the contributions made by the millions of Africans to
help make Britain the wealth it enjoys today.

Philippa Gregory is an English historical novelist
"The period of transatlantic slavery - which benefited  every single 
European country and most of the Americas, as it destroyed the
stability and prosperity of the emerging nations of Africa  - is one
of the worst examples of the inhumanity of one people to another.
It is right that we should remember this terrible time and that we
should continue the struggle  as brothers and sisters, against
slavery today." 

Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon OBE
I am proud to be part of this important memorial. Not only do we
have an obligation within us to stand up towards any form of slavery
anywhere, but also to never forget the events of the past by
remembering the victims of this terrible atrocity.
Professor Jack Lohman

Professor Jack Lohman CBE, is the CEO of the Royal British Columbia
Museum, Vancouver Island, Canada

�I am convinced that we in London and in our own country cannot move
forward without confronting the facts around the African Slave Trade.
I invite you all to support this project and in this way to support the
healing of our society.�

The Most Revd. and Right Hon. Dr. John Sentamu

The Most Revd. and Right Hon. Dr. John Sentamu, Archbishop of York
�The voices of those who died in chains call to us through the centuries
and ask us to remember. So let us together build this memorial so that
future generations may never forget.�
Hon. Patron Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe Hon. Patron Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe
Former Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Google for Europe, Middle East and
Africa regions
�The United Kingdom played a pivotal role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, both in its
inception and its abolition. It is vital that the UK builds a fitting memorial to the millions
of victims of the slave trade both to honour those who suffered and died and to ensure
that we never forget one of humanities greatest tragedies.�
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