Who are we?

Memorial 2007 is a registered charity working to erect Britain's first national Memorial to remember Enslaved Africans and their descendants.

What are we doing?

We are working to raise £4 million to build the Enslaved Africans Memorial.

Why is the Enslaved Africans Memorial needed?

This groundbreaking Memorial will fulfill the aspirations of present and future generations by publicly acknowledging the enforced labour of enslaved Africans who created the wealth that helped to lay the foundations of the Industrial Revolution, the legacy of economic prosperity from which Britain continues to benefit to this day and put the 'Great' into Great Britain. This is everyone's history and crosses the ethnic divide as all are beneficiaries of their legacy.

When will it be built?

It will be built when the money has been raised.

Where will it be built?

London's Hyde Park.

Who is the sculptor?

The highly respected sculptor Les Johnson.

What will the Enslaved Africans Memorial look like?

The Memorial will depict the history of slavery, its abolition and its legacy in the form of a relief set beneath six larger than life free standing figures, each of whom represents a part of the enslaved story. It will honour those who were captured and forced to work, creating enormous wealth for Britain and Europe. It will acknowledge the widespread resistance of the enslaved fight for freedom and the ongoing legacy.

How can I donate?

We can only build the Enslaved Africans Memorial with your donations so please DONATE and don't forget to complete gift aid details.

Project supported by UNESCO

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